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Hublot Big Bang UNICO Sapphire Watch

In addition to the sapphire crystal suite MP-05 La Ferrari, the large "transparent" message from Hublot 2016 was the Big Bang UNICO’s full sapphire package. Handling this interesting sapphire watch people is difficult to shoot correctly, compared with other sapphire crystal watches, this watch is quite cheap, the price is less than 60,000 US dollars. In fact, Hublot Big Bang UNICO sapphire reference 411.JX.4802.RT may be by far the most affordable full sapphire watch.

Do not want to just respond to the trend of sapphire crystal watches, and Hublot giant explosion UNICO sapphire compared to the Persian corner and Boston 10 years ago, echoed the innovator. Jean-Claude Biver helped introduce the "black phantom" concept of all blacks when the Big Bang’s big bang debuted. A few years ago, when I published a speech on the black watch "invisible", I remember. This trend has been very much associated with the consumer, for a long time, we have seen many successful (and absolutely cool) black watch, through the mixed dial on the texture, finishes and black shadows to keep easy Readiness.Richard Mille RM 011 Le Mans Classic cheap watch
For Hublot table, all black watch antonym is not all white watch. Although there is a big black "Mirage" big bang, I do not remember any full white model. On the contrary, the opposite of the black watch is satirical to retain the "visible invisible" spirit is transparent to the watch. clever.
This helps explain why Hublot Big Bang UNICO Sapphire not only has three parts of full sapphire crystal, but also has transparent elements on the dial, such as hand, and even strap. I do not think that "transparency" will become the new "all black", but it is a cool concept, and for Big Bang UNICO will certainly be
I posted a complete comment on this Hublot Big Bang UNICO watch, where you can get more thoughts about this series of personal appreciation. In addition to sapphire crystal case and unique transparent elements, this watch is all of Big Bang UNICO. This situation is 45mm wide, waterproof to 100m (some pride) with titanium screws. Hublot itself does not produce sapphire crystal case, but refers to the local "Swiss experts" suppliers.

Looking at the dial – it has been skull – just like seeing a giant wolf giant UNICO watch X-ray film. Hand and time stamps on the SuperLumiNova are easy to read, but the concept here is completely transparent … it works. At first, it was strange that the transparent hand was moving on the dial, but to be honest, Jean-Claude Biver was the opposite of a black watch, but it felt like it was Exactly the same theme. Graham Chronofighter oversize GMT cheap watches

Hollow dial and action lovers will appreciate the further vision of this movement, here is the internal manufacture of Hublot movement HUB 1242 UNICO. Impressive action, this automatic chronograph running time of 4 Hz, power storage time of 72 hours. The chronograph has a flyback function and uses a wheel drive (visible on the dial side).
Sapphire Crystal Watches My only problem has nothing to do with this fact that these people may be mistaken for plastic. Indeed, from afar it will be difficult to know whether the watch is cheap or difficult to make and very hard sapphire crystal. I can say that because of sapphire crystal, because it is very hard scratch resistance. So like ceramic watches (sapphire more difficult), Hublot Big Bang UNICO sapphire situation may be very good.

OMEGA CO-AXIAL MASTER CHRONOMETER CHRONOGRAPH cheap watch.On the contrary, my question is the tape. Hublot, like everyone else, was forced to use a transparent strap to accomplish a transparent theme. Although these helped accomplish the results, but I did not find them particularly attractive or necessary. I would recommend anyone who is interested in this cool watch to give up the straps they want. The good news about transparent colorless watches is that any straps you want to choose will fit!

The better news is that if you remember, the Hublot Big Bang UNICO case is equipped with a toolless quick release system. So you can easily place any of your favorite straps on the watch – assuming you are buying from Hublot because the strap connection system is proprietary. I think in a black crocodile leather strap with white stitching Yu ship big bang UNICO sapphire will look cool.
David can predict that Hublot Big Bang UNICO sapphire will be produced as a limited edition watch. In this way, this is not a small limited edition, so at least one or two years time, the scarcity will not be so big problem. For one of the coolest and most affordable sapphire watches, Hublot will produce 500 limited edition Hublot Big Bang UNICO Sapphire reference 411.JX.4802.RT. BREITLING BENTLEY GT DARK SAPPHIRE EDITION cheap watch


Graham Chronofighter 1695 Watches replica

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